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Job Opening Information

PhD Graduate Students

[Fall 2024 and onward] We seek highly-motivated Ph.D candidates from the Physics Department, Toxicology program, and GGA Scholar program, who are interested in single-molecule imaging and multi-disciplinary approaches to study how proteins maintain the genome and repair DNA damage. Current NSF grant (2024-2027) “Illumination of Smc5/6 management of DNA repair intermediate structures”

  • PAID Undergraduate Research Assistants [Recruiting from Physics Sophomores and Juniors Fall 2024]

    We seek highly-motivated Physics undergraduate students who are interested in multi-disciplinary approaches for studying biological systems. Duties: Preparing DNA substrates and analyzing AFM images. Freshman or Sophomore. 10 to 15 hours per week.

  • Work-study Students [Currently closed]

    We have long term interest in seeking outstanding work-study students to assist postdocs and graduate students in our lab. The primary responsibilities are: lab maintenance, DNA substrate preparation, protein purification, flow-cell preparation. We are looking for a person who can excel in an interdisciplinary environment and is willing to acquire new skills outside their main areas of training.